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At Tomlinson & Carruthers we undertake a variety of projects. Please select a category for some recent examples.

Listed Projects:

  • Lansdowne Park
  • Stronvar Farmpark
  • Masterton Golf Club

Lansdowne Park

Clients Lansdowne Park Development Limited
Job Lansdowne Park Lifestyle Community, Masterton
Short Description Design house layouts and all services for a lifestyle community.
Status Stage 1 - Construction, Stage 2 & 3 - Planning
Detail The client had a concept that Tomlinson & Carruthers extended & implemented to a fully designed lifestyle development.

The location of Lansdowne Park on a plateau with expansive views of the Tararuas and close to the local golf course was a desirable location for a lifestyle community targeted at the 50 year plus market.

The design philosophy Tomlinson & Carruthers applied for the site was a close community with short walking distances to community facilities whilst maintaining views of the ranges and privacy. The team also designed a beautiful living environment taking advantage of the contours to fuse storm water to feed two landscaped lakes and minimizing erosion through the laying of walkways throughout the site.

The overall layout also minimized the amount of materials used for services such as roading, sewerage, electricity and phone. The roading layout and contours of the site allowed for the installation of an inconspicuous security system.

For more information about the Lansdowne Park Development, please visit the following link or view the plans and images below. Please click on the images to the left to view a closer look. 

lansdowne park panoramic clickA panoramic view of Lansdowne Park from the main entrance showing houses at various stages of completion with a backdrop of the Tararua Ranges.

lansdowne park dam clickA three dimensional perspective diagram of the storm water dam to the north of the Lansdowne Park development superimposed on a photograph of the site before construction commenced.

lansdowne park plans clickThe most recent scheme plan of the Lansdowne Park Development.

Stronvar Farmpark

Clients Stronvar Properties Limited.
Job Stronvar Farmpark rural residential development, Weraiti Hill, Wairarapa.
Short Description Planning, Topographical Survey, Landscape Design, Civil Engineering, Subdivision Survey, Setout & Project Management of rural residential development.
Status Planning
Detail Tomlinson & Carruthers have been involved in all of the subdivisions in the Weraiti Hill area so when the client approached us we needed to ensure that any development of the site complemented its surrounds.

Tomlinson & Carruthers approached the design in three phases:

1. The capabilities of the site - where one can build and the most efficient access to the site;
2. How to design an amenity that works within the site and beyond; and
3. The most environmentally efficient infrastructure to supply the site.

Working with a team of engineers, landscape architects and specialists the design incorporated the following features:

  • A cluster arrangement of lots along spurs around a large farmed lot;
  • Regenerated native vegetation to mitigate visual impact and provide amenity within the site;
  • Integrated access corridor and storm water retention dam with pedestrian underpass/ storm water spillway;
  • A communal sewerage treatment scheme with sub-surface drippers that irrigate native regeneration;
  • A water supply scheme that also services the surrounding area;
  • Community facilities and walkways through the site.

It is planned that the development will provide the amenity of a rural area without the obligations of maintaining a large landholding.

lifestyle stronvar 1bA scheme plan of the development. The lots look deceptively small but are all around 2000sqm. The farmpark optimizes the use of land while blending the clusters into the landscape.

lifestyle stronvar 2b scheme plan of the entrance to the site. The design will result in an improved entrance to nearby sites and better alignment of the road to improve safety.

lifestyle stronvar 3bA 3d digital terrain model of the site.

lifestyle stronvar 4bThe neighbouring lime quarry presented some interesting insights into the structure of the hill for civil and geotechnical engineers who assessed the site suitability for stability, stormwater and wastewater disposal.

lifestyle stronvar 5bThe entrance road corridor was designed to minimise nuisance to neighbouring houses. The earth extracted will be used to form the dam wall keeping earthworks within the site as much as possible.

lifestyle stronvar 6bA panoramic photograph of the view from the site.

lifestyle stronvar 7bA scheme plan of the proposed landscaping for the development. The clustering of lots around the re-generated native vegetation will provide visual separation between lots while blending houses into the landscape to minimise visual impact. While the community lot provides social spaces blended into the landscape, the farmpark areas also provide access to open spaces not otherwise available to traditional lifestyle blocks.

Masterton Golf Club

Clients Masterton Golf Club Incorporated.
Job Masterton Golf Club, Lansdowne, Masterton.
Short Description Feasibility, Urban & Landscape Design, Planning, Topographical Survey, Civil Engineering, Land Survey, Project Management of peri-urban residential subdivision around upgraded golf course.
Status Proposed
Detail Tomlinson & Carruthers have had a long standing relationship with the Masterton Golf Club on the hill at Lansdowne. When the Board of the Masterton Golf Club approached Tomlinson & Carruthers for ideas to progress the club the team were happy to offer their consultancy services on a pro bono basis.

The Club owns an envious property portfolio in an urban zoned area with 360 views of the Ruamahanga River valley and the Tararuas. An initial assessment and feasibility was presented to first the Board, then Committees and then all the members recommending an expanded course and new clubhouse funded by residential development along the urban road frontage. Sir Bob Charles then assessed the site and completed the first design to improve the course.

Tomlinson & Carruthers have completed a topographical survey of the site and will present a detailed feasibility to the Board for their consideration. Our team is enthusiastic about the future of the club and look forward to being there at Sir Bob Charles' tee-off.

lifestyle mgc 1bAerial photograph, topography and current layout of the course. Note the frontage the site has with urban roads.

lifestyle mgc 2bAerial photograph of the site with Masterton to the south of the site.

lifestyle mgc 3bEach part of the course has panoramic views of the surrounding area. Beyond this green is a clearing able to include housing that will not disturb the views beyond the course.

lifestyle mgc 4bA typical photograph of the Tararuas from the course. Much of the under-utilised rural zoned 'back paddock' has expansive 360 degree views of the Tararuas and Ruamahanga Valley.

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