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Simon Ogilvie

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As a provincial lawyer based in Masterton, we provide our clients through out the Wairarapa and New Zealand with our legal services. We also provide strong networking with other specialist lawyers, accountants, land surveyors, mortgage brokers and real estate agents so that we can provide a “one stop” legal shop.

At Tomlinson & Carruthers we undertake a variety of projects. Please select a category for some recent examples.

Listed Projects:

  • Wairarapa Railway Stations
  • Rimutaka Hill
  • Hau Nui Wind Farm
  • Waiohine River Bridge
  • Hood Aerodrome
  • Castlepoint Seawall
  • Weraiti Water Supply Scheme
  • Aerial Mapping

Wairarapa Railway Stations

Clients Duffill Watts & Tse Ltd Consulting Engineers
Job Upgrade of Wairarapa Commuter Railway Stations
Short Description Topographic survey and setout of new railway platforms and facilities.

As part of a major upgrade of commuter railway stations in the Wairarapa by Ontrack and the Greater Wellington Regional Council, Tomlinson & Carruthers were contracted by Duffill Watts & Tse Ltd Consulting Engineers to supply surveying services for each stage of the project. To ensure that new carriages and platforms at each station were accurately aligned, our technical staff using GPS could provide co-ordinates accurate to within less than 1 centimetre.

infrastructure carterton 2bA topographical survey plan of Carterton Railway station.

infrastructure carterton 1bA plan of the new platform at Carterton Railway station

Rimutaka Hill

Clients Fulton Hogan / Transit New Zealand
Job Remedial Works, State Highway 2, Rimutaka Hill.
Short Description Topographic survey, setout and as-builts of remedial road works.
Detail When a major section of State Highway 2 on Rimutaka Hill subsided, major remedial works were required. Transit New Zealand assembled a team of engineers, surveyors and contractors to design a sustainable solution to ensure the lifeline to the Wairarapa was assured.

Tomlinson & Carruthers worked with the team of contractors from Fulton Hogan and engineers from Opus Consultants to ensure that the project was implemented seamlessly. Our team of surveyors and technicians surveyed the site, set out the remedial works and prepared as-built plans of the works. The GPS information gathered was utilised by contractors to ensure a precision job. The points gathered will be part of on-going monitoring to ensure that the road is not exposed to any future risks.

infrastructure rimutakahill 1bPlans of the remedial road works prepared on behalf of Transit New Zealand by Opus Consultant Engineers.

infrastructure rimutakahill 2bSet out plans of the road and remedial works prepared by Tomlinson & Carruthers for Fulton Hogan contractors.

infrastructure rimutakahill 3bOur survey technicians took readings of points before, during and after construction to ensure that the road platform was stable.

infrastructure rimutakahill 4bA photograph of one of our team setting out the points shown in the set out plans.

Hau Nui Wind Farm

Clients Enercon GmbH & PowerCo.
Job Hau Nui wind farm Stage II extension, Martinborough, Wairarapa.
Short Description Topographical survey, power line profile, detailed roading and turbine setouts.
Detail The success of the Hau Nui wind farm meant the client wanted to expand the generation facility by a further 8 turbines.

Tomlinson & Carruthers worked with the German-based turbine manufacturer, Enercon, to find the most suitable sites for the turbines. After our team conducted a topographical survey of the site, Tomlinson & Carruthers designed access roading and turbine setouts. During installation our team monitored the manoeuvring of the turbine components to the site to prevent impact on infrastructure.

A vital component to the project was the design of the profile for the power lines to the generation site. Working with PowerCo, Tomlinson & Carruthers designed the power line profile to ensure the most direct and effective route.

The result of the project is one of the most efficient wind generation facilities in the world with an average wind speed of 9-10 meters per second, compared with 6-7 metres a second at the best wind farm sites in Europe and California. The low profile of the turbines and lines has a low visible impact on the environment.

For more information about the Hau Nui project, please visit the following links or view the plans and images below. Please click on the images to the left to view a closer look. The images are large and will load in a separate window.

hau nui bridge clickThe installation of the turbine generators components required the use of specially adapted road transport. Tomlinson & Carruthers measured the stresses on infrastructure such as bridges to ensure the safe transport of 30 metre long sections of towers and turbine blades from the Port of Wellington to Hau Nui via Rimutaka Hill.

hau nui bridge clickA three dimensional perspective diagram of the turbine platform and access road. Please click on the image to the left to view a closer look. The image is large and will load in a separate window.

hau nui bridge clickA topographical survey of the turbine platform and access road.

hau nui bridge click cross-sectional profile of the power lines to the Hau Nui site prepared for PowerCo.

Waiohine River Bridge

Clients Fulton Hogan Ltd
Job New Road Bridge, State Highway 2, Waiohine River, Carterton & South Wairarapa Districts.
Short Description Topographic survey and setout of road works.
Detail  The State Highway 2 Waiohine River Bridge has a chequered history. While the bridge was considered narrow and aging, the Waiohine River also has a long history of flooding. Transit New Zealand along with the Greater Wellington Regional Council, Carterton District Council and South Wairarapa District Council decided a new bridge was necessary.

The engineers at Opus Consultants designed a bridge that was wider, longer and yet improved the flow of the river channel. Tomlinson & Carruthers' skills were called upon by the contractors, Fulton Hogan, to ensure that the key elements of the bridge were set out accurately.

The job presented some interesting challenges for our team. While the girders were being prefabricated off-site, our technicians on site set out the positions of the abutments and piers of the bridge using GPS. As expected, the girders were installed precisely and the bridge is a resounding success.

infrastructure waiohinebridge 1bOur surveyors and technicians setting out the piers in the river channel.

infrastructure waiohinebridge 2bPhotograph of the completed bridge.

Hood Aerodrome

Clients Masterton District Council
Job Hood Aerodrome, Solway, Masterton
Short Description Topographical survey and digital modelling of aerodrome and surrounds.

 When the Masterton District Council needed to record and assess civil aviation safety of the Hood Aerodrome, contracting a registered surveyor with a pilots license is a useful set of skills to have in your team. The team at Tomlinson & Carruthers completed a thorough assessment of objects within the flightpath of the Hood Aerodrome and modelled the information for use in civil aviation reports. The information is also used by the council in the preparation of district planning documents.

infrastructure hood 1bPlan of the Strip Width Increase. Individual trees and objects like power lines needed to be measured and plotted to assess civil aviation safety.

Castlepoint Seawall

Clients Masterton District Council
Job Castlepoint Seawall, Jetty Road, Castlepoint
Short Description Topographical survey, set out and as-built plans of new seawall.
Detail  Castlepoint has been recorded as having the strongest winds in the country. The seas can be equally wild. Recent storms have undermined the sea frontage and threatened residences nearby and public amenities.

As part of a team, Tomlinson & Carruthers worked with engineers to find a solution.

infrastructure seawall 1bA topographical survey of the Castlepoint waterfront.

infrastructure seawall 2bA photograph of the completed Castlepoint seawall.

Weraiti Water Supply Scheme

Clients Stronvar Properties Limited
Job Weraiti Water Supply Scheme, Masterton District.
Short Description Design, Planning, Surveying and Project Management of rural residential water treatment and supply scheme.
Status Planning
Detail  With the demand for water from rural residential blocks in the area east of Masterton, Tomlinson & Carruthers on behalf of the client gained the support of other clients to design a water supply scheme solely for rural residential use.

The existing scheme that served the area was not suitable for their project due to lack of reliability of supply, quality of the water and cost. Tomlinson & Carruthers designed and costed a scheme that supplied drinking quality water at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

infrastructure weraiti 1bScheme Plan showing the design of the scheme.

Aerial Mapping

Clients Terralink & New Zealand Aerial Mapping
Job Ground photo control co-ordinates for Wairarapa high resolution photography.
Short Description Photo Control Co-ordinates of entire Wairarapa region.
Status Construction
Detail  Aerial mapping is a very precise science. A camera lens from altitude and the curvature of the earth generates a distortion effect. In order to provide an accurate image of the terrain for use by the surveying industry, points on an image must be mapped over specified co-ordinates.

Tomlinson & Carruthers obtained 3 dimensional co-ordinates of specified photo control points across the entire Wairarapa region. The area covered approximately 100km by 50km area. Our team were able to survey to within 2 centimetre accuracy in 3 dimensions.

Please click on the images to the left to view a closer look. The images are large and will load in a separate window.

aerial mapping1 clickOn site using a high precision GPS to calculate a three dimensional co-ordinate.

aerial mapping2 clickOn site between Pahiatua and the coast calculating a pre-determined mark.

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