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At Tomlinson & Carruthers we undertake a variety of projects. Please select a category for some recent examples.

Listed Projects:

  • Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Genesis Energy Recreation Centre
  • Masterton Police Station
  • Masterton Golf Club

Queen Elizabeth Park

Clients Masterton District Council
Job Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton
Short Description Topographic Survey and Set out.
Status Construction
Detail Queen Elizabeth Park is a central social point of the Masterton community and the Masterton District Council decided the the park needed a revamp to cater for the changing needs of the community. Tomlinson & Carruthers and Boffa Miskel were commissioned to assess the site and design a park that better met those needs.

Densely planted in mature trees, completing a topographical survey of the site was the first challenge. Then, working with the design team at Boffa Miskel, provisional designs were prepared and presented to the council. The proposals are being phased in with each stage approval.

community qeii 1bA topographical survey of the site with all vegetation, buildings and infrastructure identified.

Genesis Energy Recreation Centre

Clients Masterton District Council
Job Genesis Energy Recreation Centre, Masterton
Short Description Certification of indoor Olympic pool.
Status Completed
Detail  In order for the new indoor swimming pool at the Genesis Energy Recreation Centre to be able to call itself an Olympic size pool, strict criteria had to be met. Otherwise, times recorded at competitions could not count towards international FINA rankings.

Tomlinson & Carruthers measured the pool dimensions using laser technology that provided accuracy to within millimetres. The pool is now certified for FINA sanctioned events.

community genesis 1bA diagram of the centre showing the surrounding facilities. 
Photo courtesy of Masterton District Council.

community genesis 2bA photograph of the completed Genesis Energy Recreation Centre Olympic indoor pool.
Photo courtesy of Masterton District Council.

Masterton Police Station

Clients Rigg Zschokke Limited
Job Masterton Police Station, Masterton
Short Description Topographical survey & set out.
Status completed

When Rigg Zschokke were awarded the contract of building a new police station for Masterton, they needed an experienced team to survey and set-out the footprint of the building and services. This while keeping the rest of the police station site operational. Setting out the new building also required locating and recording existing and new services connections and providing as-built plans to council.

community mps 1bA photograph of the completed Masterton Police Station. A lot of the components were prefabricated off-site and the site required precision set-out.

Masterton Golf Club

Clients Masterton Golf Club Incorporated.
Job Masterton Golf Club, Lansdowne, Masterton.
Short Description Feasibility, Urban & Landscape Design, Planning, Topographical Survey, Civil Engineering, Land Survey, Project Management of peri-urban residential subdivision around upgraded golf course.
Status Proposed
Detail Tomlinson & Carruthers have had a long standing relationship with the Masterton Golf Club on the hill at Lansdowne. When the Board of the Masterton Golf Club approached Tomlinson & Carruthers for ideas to progress the club the team were happy to offer their consultancy services on a pro bono basis. The goal was obvious - the golf club, it's members and the course came first and any development must be to the benefit of those involved in the club now and in the future.

The club owns an envious property portfolio in an urban zoned area with 360 views of the Ruamahanga River valley and the Tararuas. An initial assessment and feasibility was presented to first the Board, then Committees and then all the members recommending an expanded course and new clubhouse funded by residential development along the urban road frontage. Sir Bob Charles then assessed the site and completed the first design to improve the course.

Tomlinson & Carruthers have completed a topographical survey of the site and will present a detailed feasibility to the Board for their consideration. Our team is enthusiastic about the future of the club and look forward to being there at Sir Bob Charles' tee-off.

lifestyle mgc 1bAerial photograph, topography and current layout of the course. Note the frontage the site has with urban roads.

lifestyle mgc 2bAerial photograph of the site with Masterton to the south of the site.

lifestyle mgc 3bEach part of the course has panoramic views of the surrounding area. Beyond this green is a clearing able to include housing that will not disturb the views beyond the course.

lifestyle mgc 4bA typical photograph of the Tararuas from the course. Much of the under-utilised rural zoned 'back paddock' has expansive 360 degree views of the Tararuas and Ruamahanga Valley.

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