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As a provincial lawyer based in Masterton, we provide our clients through out the Wairarapa and New Zealand with our legal services. We also provide strong networking with other specialist lawyers, accountants, land surveyors, mortgage brokers and real estate agents so that we can provide a “one stop” legal shop.

A1 Home


If you are building your first home, a new home for the family, for the beach, or for the farm workers, or even if it’s a new garage, A1Homes offers simple steps to get you into your new home quickly and easily.

Tomlinson & Carruthers perform a wide variety of work that fall into the above five overlapping categories. To demonstrate how these five categories work together we hope you find the case study interesting. Tomlinson & Carruthers first laid out the coastal settlement of Riversdale in 1954, and we have been involved with each stage of its development since. The current development of a 127 lot resort community demonstrates not only the ongoing success of our work but also the evolution of the technology and the methods we apply.

Most of the work we do uses complicated terminology. We hope the accompanying glossary is useful.

Rural & Urban Cadastral Surveys

The Registered Surveyors at Tomlinson & Carruthers have considerable experience and expertise in cadastral surveying matters. Dealing with a wide variety of rules, we assist clients to guide them around all the costly and time consuming obstacles.

The type of work our registered surveyors regularly undertake includes the definition and relocation of boundaries, boundary adjustment, the removal of title limitations, unit title surveys, the subdivision of land, cross lease surveys and the survey of natural boundary surveys such as waterways and coastal areas.

We are widely recognized in the property and construction industries for our surveying skills. For almost sixty years we have produced high quality, successful subdivisions through out the country.

Our reputation is built around maintaining solid relationships with our clients based on understanding our clients' needs and finding effective solutions to achieve their goals.

Whether your project is a boundary adjustment or a 200 lot lifestyle development, our staff can help.

Topographical Surveys

Tomlinson & Carruthers collects topographical survey data using either GPS or total stations/electronic theodolites and processed and presented using 12d Model surveying/engineering software giving a clear, concise and professional presentation. Final plans can be produced in either paper or electronic file format to suit client requirements.

Using cutting edge technology Tomlinson & Carruthers uses topographical surveys in the design of new houses and subdivisions to even determine the effects of sunlight and views.

Legalisation Surveys

Tomlinson & Carruthers has performed legalisation surveys for Transit New Zealand and territorial authorities throughout the country. These surveys have included the re-alignment of State Highways and local authority roads and functions relating to public works including road stopping, disposal and the acquiring of land.


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